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Travelling And Covid-19

Travel consciously, travel safe. Cancelling your trip is not the only option.

We are aware of the worry the new Covid-19 coronavirus is causing everyone with regards to their travel arrangements and we would like to assure all of our clients that we are constantly monitoring the situation.

We are being kept up to date on the situation by the world health authority, department of foreign affairs, department of health and the ITAA.

All of our suppliers are working with us to help clients who need to change their travel plans.

Our advice is don’t panic as despite what the media reports are saying you can still travel safely everywhere except northern Italy and China.

If there is government advice to say don’t travel to a certain destination and flights are canceled you will get a refund.

If you have booked a package with accommodation you most likely will get a refund of your accommodation too or you can change your dates.

If there is no government advice against traveling to a destination and you decide not to travel, we will do our best to assist you with changing dates/destination but you will not be covered for cancellation charges by your travel insurance.

The Travel Boutique offers a 24-hour emergency number to all of our clients. If you are booked through us with a tour operator, you will have extra back up in resort too.

If you haven’t heard from us you can take it that there is no problem with going on your holiday. If there is any issue we will be in contact with you.

Obviously the situation is constantly under review and changing but we just want to know we are still taking bookings for travel in 2020 and we have had very few cancellations.

If you have any questions in relation to your holidays and travelling, please feel free to contact us. You can still book a holiday and enjoy it! 

The Travel Boutique Team

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