It’s such a big topic right now that we thought we’d put together ten tips to get you started on becoming a more sustainable traveller.


But before we begin, you might ask, what is sustainable travel.  Well, it’s a type of travel that aims to minimize the negative impact of tourism on the environment and local communities while also contributing positively to them.


So, here’s the ten tips we pulled together to help you start your journey to becoming a more sustainable traveller.

  1. Consider the options available to visit the destination of choice. Did you know for example that an aircraft uses most of its fuel during take-off so minimising the number of flights you use is a good start.
  2. At your destination, use the public transport, or walk and bike to the places you want to visit.
  3. Eat locally sourced and seasonal food products.
  4. When buying gifts or travel mementos, support the local businesses and artisans by buying their products.
  5. Prioritise animal welfare and by that we mean avoid activities that exploit animals for your entertainment.
  6. Respect the local culture and traditions. Consider things like the local religion, places you are visiting and remember to dress appropriately.  Also, don’t assume you can take photos of the locals without asking permission.
  7. How many of us, after our daily shower, drop the towels on the floor, and expect to have them replaced with freshly washed ones. So, why do it on holiday? By hanging your towel back on the rail is reducing energy and also the use of cleaning chemicals.
  8. Bring a refillable water bottle. You’ll find lots of places to refill so no need to use plastic bottles.
  9. If you want to offset your carbon footprint, you know you can plant a tree, either at your destination or here in Ireland. Make sure in both cases, it is trees that are native as they will help the local wildlife to flourish and grow.
  10. And lastly, just remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible.

And that’s it, our top tips to start your journey of becoming a more sustainable traveller.  Happy travelling!


Happy Traveller