Lapland Offer 2020

We are happy to announce holiday packages and offers to Lapland in 2020!

Lapland has the last remaining expanse of wilderness in northern Europe, including the coastline, forests, mountains and unspoilt rivers and in winter this becomes a wonderland of snow where you can experience the fun of snowmobiles, toboggans and sleigh rides.

A holiday in Lapland is truly magical and one to treasure forever. Lapland’s capital sits on the Arctic Circle and this is also where you’ll find the One True Home of Finland’s most popular resident: Santa Claus. From the moment you arrive in the snow-clad magical world of Lapland your time is filled with things that dreams are made of. Most importantly the chance to visit Santa.

Lapland 2020 NOW ON SALE

Travel in 2020 – Pay 2019 Prices!

Book with LOW deposit, only €50 per person!

Pay Balance weekly or monthly.


2 nights and 3 days. Departure Dates:

02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20 – December 2020, flying from DUBLIN.

Family Prices:

1ad+1ch from €2550
1ad+2ch from €3675
1ad+3ch from €4870
2ad+1ch from €3820
2ad+2ch from €4988
2ad+3ch from €6225 Hotel OR €6498 2 Bedroom Cabin
2ad+4ch from €7625 2 Bedroom Cabin


Included in the magical two-night trip:

Day One

Arrival To Lapland

Our day begins with an early morning flight from Dublin airport to Lapland. During the flight, a light breakfast will be served and subject to crew permission the festive fun will begin. There will be Christmas singing, colouring, drawing and lots of very excited children. On arrival at Rovaniemi airport – the official airport of Santa Claus you will be met by our elves who will guide you throughout your stay and help you search for Santa. Once you have checked into your chosen accommodation and collected your special thermal clothing we will begin our wintry adventure. We will set off for a short 30-minute snowmobile safari through the snow-covered forests. Adults will drive 2 persons per snowmobile and the children will travel in the sledges pulled by one of our guides. After a long day, we will head back to our hotels where you can enjoy a relaxing sauna and buffet dinner.
Meals include breakfast & dinner

Day Two

A Full Day Of Magical Snow Fun

After breakfast, you will be met by our guides at your hotel. We will take a coach to the surrounding wilderness and begin our wintry adventure, where you will get to enjoy the following activities on the day.

Husky ride We will visit a husky farm, where you will learn about the life of the husky dog. We will get to enjoy a short (800m) but speedy ride in sledges pulled by these arctic huskies. In the warmth of the chamber, you can enjoy a hot drink and biscuits.

Reindeer ride You will visit a reindeer farm, where you will experience the magical ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle in a kota-tepee. You will also get to enjoy the fun of a short (400m) reindeer ride. Upon completion of your reindeer driving, your guide will issue you with a special reindeer licence.

Lunch During the day we will take a break from the activities and ‘recharge our batteries’ by enjoying a nice hot lunch in a cosy restaurant.

Joulukka “Listen carefully as you may hear some footsteps, could it be an Elf?” Later in the day, we will make our way to Joulukka, a unique place in the middle of the deep forest, where the magic of Christmas comes alive. Here we will visit the Elf school & Santa’s Command Centre.


We will enjoy the thrills of speedy tobogganing at Joulukka.

Elf school Here you will discover how Elves spend their days busily getting ready for Christmas. You will have a chance to decorate your own tasty gingerbread with the help of an Elf.

Santa’s ‘Christmas Command Centre’ If you’re on your best behaviour, you might even have the chance to visit ‘Santa’s secret Command Centre’ in Joulukka. Here, you can see the Elves movements around the world and see how Santa’s letters arrive. If you have been really good, you will have the chance to meet Santa Claus himself. During your private family meeting with Santa, each child will have the chance to talk with Santa and tell him all their wishes. All children will receive a small token gift from Santa.

Festive Dinner and Show This evening, you will enjoy a festive dinner with limited drinks included. You will be met by your guides at your hotel and from there we will head out of town to enjoy our farewell dinner in Santa Park. Later in the evening, we will also receive a surprise visit from a very special person with his cheery elves. After this wonderful evening, we will return to our hotels by private coach. Please note the order of activities will vary for each group.

Meals included Breakfast, Lunch, Festive Dinner and Show.

Day Three

**Santa Claus Village & Departure **

Alas, the day of departure is upon us. After breakfast, we will check out of our hotels and we will make a visit to Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle. There we will have time for some shopping in the souvenir and handicraft shops, for those who wish to take a ‘Taste of Lapland’ home with them. You will also have time to write and send your letters and postcards from Santa’s Official Post Office. Finally, it’s time to take a short coach transfer back to Rovaniemi airport for our flight home to Dublin and bid a happy farewell to the land of Santa Claus. A light meal will be served onboard the aircraft.
Meals included: breakfast and lunch.

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